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Is Portland, Oregon on your thrifting bucket list? 

I spent an entire day thrifting in Southeast Portland during my solo trip, and I highly recommend it. Whether you’re looking for vintage or new, the Portland thrift scene has what you’re looking for. Here’s a list of the thrift stores I went to, with honest reviews in each place. 

I loved this place! The prices are what I’d expect for a thrift store. Dresses were $15-$20, and winter jackets and sweaters were half off. I bought a cozy sweater for $10, and the store was very organized, with high quality clothing. Crossroads Trading had a lot of popular brands, if that’s something you look for when thrifting. There’s also a rack of “staff picks,” which was fun to look through, and the jewelry case was impressive too.

There are two locations in Portland and several stores in other cities too.

This thrift store was exactly what I was looking for, and it’s my favorite on the list. The prices are AMAZING, and there’s so much to look through. There were lots of shoes, clothes, furniture, decorations, ect.

The summer shorts averaged $6, and I found an ADIDAS Portland jacket for $10. I also bought a Columbia long sleeve for $6. The selection here is great, unlike many other overpriced second-hand stores. I felt like it was actually worth stopping in, and the staff was really friendly.

I always thrift at the Buffalo Exchange in any major city I visit. They can be overpriced, but I’ve had a lot of luck overall, since they usually have tag discounts. Buffalo Exchange has a combination of new and used clothing. In my opinion, the Portland location was better than the NYC and Kansas City stores I’ve been to. Iit’s a really big store, and I think their men’s clothing selection is great. I picked up a couple dresses here that I’ve worn to weddings, and I paid less than $20 for each one.

House of Vintage really lives up to its name. The store is giant, and the pieces are truly vintage. They have vintage jerseys, olympic t-shirts from the 60’s and 70’s, Nike puffer jackets, and lots of belts, shoes, and accessories. However, the word “vintage” usually means expensive these days. With that being said, there’s no way I’m paying $20 for a tank top I could find at GoodWill for $3. I thought the prices were pretty high, but if you’re looking for truly vintage pieces, this might be your place.

Honestly, I liked the oriental rugs, home decor more than the clothes here, but they still had several clothing racks to look through. If you like vintage dresses, this is definitely your place. There’s also a room in the back with furniture. The clothes gave me a “grandma prom dress” vibe, so I guess it was too hipster for me. I didn’t buy anything, but it was fun to look around. There’s also some food trucks in the alley, next to the store! I’d recommend checking those out too.

Technically this isn’t a thrift store, but it’s a great place to stop for souvenirs and local jewelry! If you’re looking for Portland t-shirts, or other cute trinkets; this is your place. I forgot to get pictures of the shop, but it’s walking distance from the other places listed above.

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